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We Develop Businesses

Springstead works with founders and organizations to drive purpose and results




We advise and consult with founders, businesses and purpose driven organizations to develop, launch and grow your initiatives. We turn ideas into strategy and dreams into results by positioning you to develop new areas for growth, launch projects strategically, and grow and scale profitably.

We are all about:

  • New ideas

  • New revenue

  • New business growth

  • New strategic opportunities

  • New launches

We specialize in consumer initiatives, digital media, subscriptions, and e-commerce. For our services, check out the STRATEGY & BUSINESS page.


In addition, we have a vertical focused on HOSPITALITY consulting and restaurant launches, as well as a vertical that provides INVESTMENT opportunities for early stage startups that show remarkable promise.


Experience     |      Partnership     |       Execution

We can partner with you through the entire lifecycle of a project or focus on a specific phase.

Success lies in the execution. Not only do we work with you to set goals and strategy, we are there to help you execute the plan and navigate through challenges.

Together, we can drive progress, elevate the business, and position you as an experienced leader. This we promise.


Julie Shen

Julie has 15 years of experience incubating, developing and launching profitable new businesses for startups and organizations like Condé Nast, HBO and PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has developed and launched new lines of business, and gone on to oversee their strategy, growth & marketing, distribution, partnerships, and P&L. Her thought leadership has been published in Nasdaq, BlogHer and Create & Cultivate. 

Julie thrives in areas such as: strategy, innovation, business development, deal negotiation, strategic partnerships, monetization, digital distribution, consumer growth, and P&L and business management.

She is passionate about supporting female and AAPI founders.


Her interests include art history and Renaissance art, sci-fi fantasy, skiing, making her own nut milks, and pursuing her wine certification.

Julie Shen, Springstead
Julie Shen, Springstead, Conde Nast, HBO


Why Julie started Springstead and why our experience is valuable.


We are passionate about engaging our communities and talking business, career, life, and anything that can help us thrive. Get in touch!

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Julie Shen, Springstead on navigating career pivots

Subject: navigating career pivots and developing a roadmap for yourself like you would for a product launch

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