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We take your business from where you are to where you need to be.

Who You Are

A founder, business or organization that wants to:

  • Bring an idea into execution

  • Launch a new business, product or service

  • Increase revenue, profit or consumer reach

  • Grow, expand or diversify your existing line of business

  • Jumpstart, innovate and pivot a sluggish business

What You Need







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  • Strategic and Business Planning: Marketplace, Target Customer, Competition, Value Proposition, Goal Setting, Vision to Implementation Matrix,

  • Go-to-Market

  • Innovation and New Business

  • Growth and Expansion


  • Strategic Roadmap Execution

  • Business and P&L Management

  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership

  • Process & Foundation Development

  • Subscriber and Customer Optimization (e.g., LTV, AOV, Retention, Win-Back)

Business Execution

  • Monetization, Diversification Opportunities and New Business Models

  • Incubation and Proof-of-Concept

  • Launch Planning and Roadmapping

  • Distribution and Deals

  • Strategic Partnerships and Management

  • Customer Development and Expansion

Business Development

  • Market sizing and Audience Segmentation

  • Pricing, Cannibalization, and Replacement Economics

  • P&L, Breakeven & Swing Scenarios

  • Forecasting

  • Budgeting

  • Long-Term Planning

Strategic Finance


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Digital Media

  • Built a holistic media network across 25 podcasts reaching >75M downloads annually

  • Grew business to multi-million dollars in revenue and a healthy double digit margin in Year 1 (exceeding target)

  • Launched top charting podcasts that were adapted into series by major streaming networks

  • Launched the network's first narrative podcast reaching >10M downloads without any upfront funding or investment

  • Sample of podcasts you can catch Julie's name in the end credits: Broken Harts (Glamour), Love is a Crime (Vanity Fair), She Makes Money Moves (Glamour), Food People (Bon Appetit), In Vogue (Vogue)

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Consumer Initiatives & Subscriptions

  • Achieved 1M+ paying subscribers in Year 1 of a direct-to-consumer business

  • Negotiated deals and partnerships with an impact of >$200M

  • Developed go-to-market strategy and successfully executed that strategy at launch

  • Managed strategic direction of direct-to-consumer business to optimize subscriber acquisition, retention and winback

  • Led cross-functional teams and work streams to operate cohesively towards the same goal

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  • Developed omnichannel strategy, goals and plans for beauty retailer that focuses on retention, strategic partnerships and activations

  • Developed strategy to diversify e-commerce across affiliate and dropship models for a beauty publisher

  • Developed plan and foundation for an e-commerce site focused on female founded products; the site was eventually sold and had an exit

  • Led strategy and and strategic partnerships for early stage direct-to-consumer brands




Discovery Call

We get to know each other and I learn about your business needs. Even if we may not be the right fit, we'll try to point you in the right direction.


This call is complimentary!

1:1 60-Minute


We dive into and unpack the details of your business. There's a short questionnaire to fill out beforehand so we come prepared and maximize the value of your session.


We will provide direction and guidance, and you

will walk away with information and tangible action items.



An introductory offer for us to work together. We get into your business: we assess where it's at today and map out what it'd take to get to where you need to be.

This includes:

  • 1x 60-Minute Discovery Meeting

  • 2x 60-Minute Workshops

  • 1x Business Audit

  • 1x Strategic Recommendation Packet

  • 1x Execution Roadmap



We customize our scope of work based on your needs. This is our most coveted offering because it offers the most value and impact. We would be hands on, integrated, and working with you as part of your team. 

We require a minimum of a 3-month engagement in order to maximize impact.


Jazmin Alvarez

Founder of Pretty Well Beauty

Status: Ongoing Project

Julie is incredible and has been a lifesaver. For the first time since starting my business I feel like I have someone who can truly help me scale and I feel more confident about how to achieve this with her support, guidance and partnership. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be able to work with her and look forward to continuing to grow together in 2023 and beyond! Thank you Julie!

Jaclyn Lineback

Founder of HartSpan

A Wellness Brand Launching Q2 '23

Julie's number one goal is driving value, which she did exceptionally. She was incredibly organized and professional, and really took the time to understand our business and goals. She continually provided support outside of the project scope and genuinely cared about moving our business forward. Julie delivered an impressive pre-launch community-building roadmap for our company that was digestible and realistic to implement. Julie is an incredible resource for any startup and I look forward to working with Springstead on future projects!

MP, Executive Director of a Non-Profit

Status: Ongoing Project

"We originally brought Julie in to support us on a national awareness campaign. Through our sessions, she led us to realize that we first needed to refresh our processes and strengthen our relationship with social service agencies. Her insights were smartly intuitive and brought invaluable experience to the project. We are excited to continue our relationship with her through the new year."
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