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  • Launch planning: prelaunch waitlist, market assessment, competitive analysis, target customers, value proposition, GTM business plan

  • Investor deck and fundraising support

  • Incubation and proof-of-concept

  • Strategic planning, monetization and business development

  • Growth & expansion strategy


  • Subscription analysis and strategy to optimize conversion, acquisition, retention, LTV, and churn reduction

  • Segmentation evaluation (e.g., by active vs. canceled subs, customer cohort, marketing channel)

  • Attrition and cancellation analysis

  • Save and win-back strategy

  • Business assessments (e.g., ARR, retention boosters, high-value users) 


  • Holistic marketing strategy and planning across channels

  • Brand strategy and positioning

  • Community building

  • Customer analysis, consumer study and market research

  • Performance evaluation (e.g., LTV, AOV, CAC, ROAS) and optimization

  • Strategic partnerships and deals


  • Financial modeling

  • Pricing analysis

  • Marketing performance and ROI

  • P&L and budget development

  • Forecasting

  • Long-term Planning

  • Breakeven analysis and swing scenarios

  • Cannibalization and replacement economics

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Adding Julie to the team was integral to getting the ball rolling on the next phase of our business. She has been able to help us organize our wishlist into a tangible direction for growth and help us identify key areas that need improvement. I love the way she marries data and qualitative instincts to make a plan. She is clear, communicative and great at setting expectations. We were able to get our first round of funding after bootstrapping for four years and we would not have gotten there without her.

Colette Dong

Co-Founder of The Ness

I wholeheartedly recommend Julie to any business seeking financial guidance and strategic planning. Her dedication, expertise, and passion for driving results are truly commendable. Julie demonstrated a deep understanding of all financial aspects of our business and played a pivotal role in helping us achieve our goals. She ensured that we fully understood the implications and potential opportunities. I am confident that she will make a significant impact on any venture she undertakes. 

Ronit Menashe

Co-Founder of WeNatal

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

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